The first thing to know about the workshops I offer is that NO GROUP SHARING OF PERSONAL OR RELATIONSHIP DETAILS IS INVOLVED.  This is not couples therapy.  Personal sharing will occur in private interactions between you and your partner.

The Gottman based workshops I offer are intended to meet all of the objectives mentioned in this website. They are designed for ALL couples in a committed relationship. If you have a strong relationship, the workshop will provide you with insights and tools to foster further friendship, connection and intimacy.  If your relationship is distressed, the workshops will offer greater understanding and a road map for repair.

Some workshops I offer include a look at personality differences using Insights Discovery™ personality inventories. This is an instrument based on Jungian Psychology (like Myers-Briggs) with high reliability and validity. Most people find the profiles 98% accurate or greater and come away with insights as to why you keep falling into the same communication holes, how to bridge personality gaps and remedy some perpetual relationship problems.

All workshops are meant to be informative, entertaining, stimulating, and growth-enhancing. You will learn “love-fuelling” tools such as (spoiler alert):   A weekly ritual of being asked, “How can I make you feel loved this week?”.  How can you argue with that?

Ignited Couples Workshop

Give each other the gift of DELICIOUS CONNECTION.

This will be a morning of Insights Discovery™ personality inventory where you will find out your and your partners personality types based on Jungian Psychology and discover best communication strategies to bridge personality gaps. You are guaranteed to come away with new understanding and practical tools.

The afternoon will consist of research-based Gottman tools to take your relationship to more respectful, caring, and maybe even spicy levels.

$425 per Couple

(includes detailed Insights Discovery™ profile for each of you)