Fuelling more love in the world

I help people get along.  We can ALL learn to love each other a little better.

I have been a registered psychologist since 1994 and a certified coach since 2010. The biggest focus of my practice is couples counselling. I make use of Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which is a philosophy and tools developed from 40 years of research with thousands of couples on what happy couples do and how to help couples do more of that. These research-based skills are shown to dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way.

I also see individuals for a variety of issues, often related to having a healthier relationship with self: overcoming common struggles with life stuff and developing more self love.

My experiences include: corporate coach (team building and leadership development – ongoing), University instructor (conflict resolution and counselling), international negotiation consultant (ENS international), and mental health counsellor.

I have also been deliciously married for 30 years and have co-navigated the challenges of raising 2 multi-faceted children.

Nancy Jacklin

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Give each other the gift of DELICIOUS CONNECTION

Couples Counselling

Gottman Method

The Gottman’s research found that the majority (but not all) of men come to couples counselling wanting less fighting and more sex. The Gottman research also found that most women (but not all) have two fundamental desires: to feel safe (physically and emotionally) and to feel heard. The truth is that most of us have felt stuck with one or more of these issues at some time in our relationships. We can do something about that.

It is my belief that we can ALL benefit from improving communication and understanding in our relationships. I see it as a healthy thing to go to see someone to learn ways that you might not have thought of to foster respect, affection, and closeness, to talk about topics of conflict that leave neither of you feeling defensive or angry, but heard and understood, and to offer support to make each of your life dreams come true.

These tools and exploration can help if you are in a very distressed relationship that has been that way for a long time, or in a new relationship with a bit of friction and you want to make sure you are starting off in a healthy way. I work with couples from every age, stage, and sexual orientation. I welcome you to come and explore ways to get to the outrageous benefits of a partnership with more friendship, trust, commitment, romance and zest. Especially the zest.